Kruger Park Tours & Safaris

The Kruger National Park was founded over a century ago and since then it has seen millions of tourists entering its gates. Today, it is a world-famous nature reserve, and one of the top must travel to places on the African continent.
Located in the North-Eastern corner of South Africa, the best way to experience the park is with a Kruger Park safari. Guests have a choice of different safari packages and even single day long Kruger Park safaris when they are planning their stay in Africa. Top touring companies, such as Kurt Safari, drive guests along various routes in the park, and we offer a laid-back approach to spotting wildlife.
The Kruger Park is roughly 2 million hectares in size and all along the western border of the park lie private nature reserves. The park itself is divided into 3 sections, each has a unique landscape and unique vegetation. Each section also happens to have wildlife that tends to stay within these specific habitats. The sheer size of the park means that there are great expanses of land which tourists will never see. The South of the park is generally considered to be the best place to spot wildlife, as the North is more arid and rugged. Predators, in particular, can be seen more often in the Southern section.

The Areas in the Kruger Park Which We Visit

Kurt Safari Kruger Park safaris are mostly conducted in the Southern and Central regions of the park. Here, vegetation is lush enough to provide food for grazing animals such as impala, kudu and buffalo, while the trees are ideal for elephants and giraffes to feed upon. With an abundance of grazing animals comes predators. Lions, hyenas and the occasional cheetah are seen in this area of the park and leopard are also known to adopt habitats here.
While Kruger Park safaris can be done in a day, a day is not going to give you enough time to gain a true appreciation for this nature reserve. We recommend that tourists to the Kruger spend no less than 4 days embarking on Kruger Park safaris if they want to see beyond what would normally be seen.
Our Kruger Park safaris will take you to various watering holes, river beds and look out points to give you ample opportunity to see a variety of wildlife. To make the most of your Kruger tours, we recommend booking between April and October, during the South African winter months. The park experiences a very mild winter, but with no winter rains, the vegetation is short enough to provide a fantastic viewing experience!

Relax In Comfort with a Selection of Accommodation Options

When booking your Kruger Park safaris, accommodation is part of the package. We operate out of Hazyview, where there are a number of accommodation options including comfortable, affordable places as well as a few luxury options.
We have 14 open safari vehicles and with our selection of 3-day Kruger park tours, 4-day Kruger Park safaris and 5-day Kruger Park safaris, as well as photographic Kruger tours and private day safaris, we can provide you with the safari experience you yearn for.

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